“He Fell In Love”: Elderly Dog Finds A Best Friend In Orphaned Kitten

'He Fell In Love': Elderly Dog Finds A Best Friend In Orphaned Kitten

Paxton and Polly are best friends.

A 12-year-old Labrador retriever has found a best friend in a stray kitten, and the Internet can’t get enough of their friendship. Paxton and Polly’s unusual friendship began when Paxton’s owner Morgan Webb found a small kitten crying in the backyard of her home in Delaware, USA, reports People.

Ms Webb brought the days-old kitten inside and gave her bath to remove her fleas while Paxton, her pet dog, stood by and watched.


She says it was drops of milk that spilled onto Polly – as the kitten was named – that led to their bonding. “Paxton would lick, lick, lick her, and he fell in love,” Ms Webb told People. “I think that is where their relationship really started.”

Ms Webb, in an interview to The Dodo, also added that Polly was just a day or two old when she was found. “I was so glad we picked her up because I don’t think she would have made it. She was only a day or two old. She couldn’t see, her ears were still folded and she was starving,” she said.

“Paxton got to meet Polly right after her bath. He fell in love with her at first because he got to clean her after every bottle feed and she loved it because she didn’t know any different.