4 Types of Gun Holsters for Concealed Carriers

Many states allow gun owners to conceal carry. That means you need to find a holster that not only fits your gun but also works for your lifestyle. A poor holster does not serve the user and can make carrying the weapon uncomfortable. Knowing the general types of holsters can help you find the right one for you, but this is not an exhaustive list.

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Concealed carry ankle holsters are ideal for smaller guns. The band wraps around the ankle and has a place to hold the weapon on the inside of the leg. Most fit inside a boot cut pant with minimal bulge. Most people rarely look at your feet making it easy to conceal your weapon. Keep in mind that reaching the gun around your ankle may not be as easy as it looks.


Like those in cop movies and shows, shoulder holsters are ideal for regular jacket wearers. Because they sit comfortably over the shoulders, they don’t impede sitting especially if you spend a lot of time in a vehicle. Many models are available for one side to hold the gun while the other holds an ammo clip for weight balance. Some models have the ability to hold two guns. Be aware that the gun points at objects behind you in the muzzle.


Many people especially men wear belts. There are two main types of belt holsters. One type sits inside the waistband keeping the gun stable between your pants and generally your hip bone. The other type sits outside the waistband like the cowboys of old. These types allow you to quickly draw but need longer shirts to conceal.


There are some guns small enough to fit into your pocket. Avoid carrying a gun without a holster in order to properly protect the trigger. Many holsters look more like phones or wallets making concealment rather easy. The holster requires a decent-sized pocket to fit in and a small gun.