Celebrating Milestones

Most people love a good party, but different occasions call for different types of celebrations. A child’s birthday party will be vastly different from the opening of an art exhibit, in formality, time of day and volume. Throw a party that will appeal to the person being celebrated. A shy person may dislike a surprise party at a public venue; a trip to the museum might not appeal to a thrill-seeker. The most important thing is to do something because everyone deserves to feel special.

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Rites of passage

Many religions include ceremonies to mark rites of passage such as a Jewish bar or bat mitzvah, but even non-religious people can appreciate the importance of certain occasions. Starting school and acquiring a driver license signify a youngster’s passage from one stage of life into another and are cause for small family celebrations. For adults, retirement can begin a huge social transformation and is typically marked by a large party and gifts.


Regardless of age, some accomplishments should be publicly honored. Scholars graduating from high school, college or graduate school have completed a years-long task requiring hard work and dedication, so a congratulatory shindig is definitely in order. Because a generation or two usually separate the party-thrower from the honoree, graduations require the use of a graduation party planner who will have the best ideas and know the latest trends popular with a particular area and age group.

Life Changes

Marriage is often celebrated with multiple celebratory events: bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and the reception itself. Most anniversaries are marked only by the couple but larger soirees are common at 25 and 50 years. Upcoming births are celebrated with baby showers; these used to be a women-only zone but coed baby showers are common now. The population is becoming more transient all the time but moving away may prompt a bon voyage party for those who have resided in one area for a long time; neighbors, family and friends like a chance to say goodbye.