What To Do When You Need a Bondsman

Being caught up in the legal system can be disorienting, especially if you had no expectation of trouble and wound up in a situation you could not get out of when everything got out of hand. Most people don’t go into that kind of thing on purpose or with a plan in advance, but it’s essential to know how to begin turning things around so you can get back to your routine. Whether you’re facing the legal system directly or helping a family member who was recently arrested, understanding how to get a bondsman Scranton PA and how long processing will take before release is essential to being prepared for the unexpected.

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Understanding Which Bondsman To Call

Many areas have more than one bond agency, and most of the time the up-front fees do vary a bit from one to the next. Processing times can also vary, which is why you need to research which agencies have prompt responses around the clock if you are calling during off hours. Most localities have at least one 24 hour bond service, but not all agencies provide bond for the same kind of arrest. Some only participate in the state system, some provide federal bail bonds, and some provide both. You need to make sure the bondsman you call has the ability to provide bonds for the type of arrest on the record.

Get a Defense On Track

When anyone is arrested, participation in the defense is easier when you are not confined, and being arrested should not mean automatically losing your livelihood. When you or someone you know is arrested, make contact with a bondsman promptly so you can get home. Bonds can be arranged within hours of arraignment if you work with trusted professionals. It helps to research options in your area as part of a general family emergency plan, so you know who to talk to if someone has trouble.