4 Tips for First-Time French Bulldog Owners

As any French Bulldog owner can attest, these dogs are wonderful companions: known to be sweet and social, a “Frenchie” is a great addition to any home. If this is your first time with this type of dog, there’s lots to learn. Exploring tips like these from fellow owners or a French Bulldog breeder is a great way to get a baseline for what to expect when welcoming in this type of furry friend.

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Make Plans for Food and Fitness

French Bulldogs are, of course, a smaller breed than many others, and their short noses make them designed to be at more dramatic risk for breathing issues than other breeds would be if they become overweight. To keep your dog at a healthy weight, make a plan for regular walks to match the dog’s naturally curious and lively demeanor. Keep your French Bulldog active in conjunction with finding the best natural food option.

Schedule Regular Checkups

While this is a good tip for any dog owner, no matter what the breed, French Bulldogs also historically have some specific health challenges. Many owners notice panting and lethargy when their dog overheats, which itself is a very common issue for this breed. Maintaining a regularly scheduled checkup plan will ensure that your pet isn’t facing more serious issues.

Keep Clean

One of the qualities owners love most about their Frenchie is the adorable face. The wrinkles and folds are incredibly endearing, but know that these features can also be places where bacteria and dirt linger even after a light wash. Pay a little extra attention to your pet’s face to decrease the possibility of irritation or infection.

Plan to Train

In addition to being smart and sweet, French Bulldogs can also be a bit stubborn. Get your new pet acclimated to its home and routine by planning to focus on training early on. Frenchies are also very playful, so consider a balance of training and playing to help your dog happily acclimate to the environment while also learning new rules. With all these tips in mind, you can be an expert French Bulldog owner in no time at all.