What ITAD means for Your Business

Your business has a lot of technology. Employees use computers for accounting, inventory, and communication. Your salespeople carry smartphones or tablets to promote the company’s products to customers. You print, scan, and fax from a multi-function printer (MFP). Status updates and announcements may appear on flat screen televisions around the office. Even the CB radios your truck drivers use are part of today’s technology.

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How is it disposed?

Eventually, this equipment reaches retirement age or fails. And, when it gets swapped out for newer models, the question is where to put the old stuff? Yes, some of it can be repurposed. But what about items that are unrepairable? They gather dust in an IT “graveyard” at the office. Or, they get thrown out. Let’s hope it’s not in the normal trash. Because if it makes it to the landfill there can be serious consequences. Toxic chemicals in the parts can erode and start to seep into the ground. In turn, they enter the local water table. The end result is contamination.

IT Asset Disposition

This is where IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) enters. The role of a company’s ITAD officer is to guarantee unwanted or obsolete equipment is safely and properly disposed of. In other words, it doesn’t go to the landfill. What the ITAD officer utilizes is an eWaste organization like GreenTec. These companies have many responsibilities in the IT disposal market. First, they properly destroy electronics to leave little or no carbon footprint and protect the environment. Second, they minimize a company’s economic losses by returning products clear of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

PII protection

Actually, besides maintaining environmental safety, this is the other main reason ITAD officers rely on eWaste companies. In order to avoid identity theft and other malicious activity, ITAD vendors ensure all remnants of the previous owner’s PII is removed. This permits the company to repurpose laptops and smart devices to new employees. Though it seems like an unnecessary part of technical operations, ITAD is as important to a company as virus protection updates. Not only can information be stolen but the equipment it’s on can ruin the environment. e-waste toronto