Could Your Establishment Benefit From Commercial Laundry Machines?

Very few locations get through a business day without generating some amount of dirty laundry. For some of these establishments, a standard washer and dryer can get the job done. But if there is a regular need to keep up with washing these dirty items, commercial laundry machines may help you accomplish the task in a more efficient manner.

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Primary Schools and Daycares

When caring for young children, it’s important to do all you can to keep the premises clean and healthy. There are many fabrics that need to be washed with regularity in a childcare setting, from sheets and towels to blankets and aprons. A commercial grade washer and dryer can help employees keep up with the demand.


Places of worship usually have to meet the needs of people in a variety of ways. Laundry can be a frequent task for church members and employees. For example, sheets and blankets from nurseries and preschool rooms should be washed after each use. Aprons, towels and tablecloths can pile up from meals and events. Many times, the task will fall on volunteers, who have to haul the linens home and wash them in multiple loads.


If you have children at home, laundry can be a continuous job that quickly goes from manageable to overwhelming. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers can go through multiple outfits in one day. Active teenagers also make multiple wardrobe changes as they go from school to sports practice to work. Commercial laundry machines can allow you to wash larger loads at one time, saving you time out of your already busy schedule.

If you’re considering purchasing a commercial-grade washer and/or dryer, be sure to do your research on the electrical and water requirements, as well as available space. This investment could be a great asset to your home or business.