Valve VR Headset Reportedly in the Works, to Come With Half-Life Prequel

Valve VR Headset Reportedly in the Works, to Come With Half-Life Prequel

Valve is reportedly working on its own virtual reality headset, which might have a 135-degree field of view and come bundled with an improved third-generation version of its ‘Knuckles’ controllers plus a Half-Life VR prequel title.

Leaked images of a prototype VR headset, taken in July but published last week, show the Valve logo on the circuit board, SteamVR-tracking photodiodes, two cameras, and integrated headphones. VR news website UploadVR was the first to report on the leak and has since discovered other details from its sources regarding the field of view and bundling features.

UploadVR notes that the padding on the back of the prototype Valve headset is similar to that on Valve’s third-gen Knuckles controller developer kits, which were unveiled back in September. It also claims that the lenses seen in the leaked photos appear to be larger than HTC Vive’s, suggesting a larger field of view. Vive’s field of view is 110 degrees.

Sources tell UploadVR that Valve’s headset will have a resolution matching the HTC Vive Pro, which has 1,440 x 1,600 pixels per eye, a 78 percent upgrade on the Vive. The Vive Pro costs $799 (about Rs. 58,000) but is not available in India. The standard Vive retails for Rs. 69,990.

Valve partnered with HTC to develop and sell both Vive models but the leaks suggest that it might be considering a VR headset of its own.

It’s unknown if the headset is still in development at Valve at this time, but if it’s targeting a release for 2019, it might try to go head-to-head with the reported Oculus Rift S. The targeted resolution and field of view won’t make that easy, though.