How to Sell Your Heavy Equipment

Generally, when you are ready to sell your heavy equipment, you are looking to get your asking price or close to it, and you would like it gone yesterday. Although the process seems pretty straightforward, there are many things that must be considered. Not everyone may be looking for what you are selling, or it might just take time for the right person to come along.

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Try Selling Your Equipment at Auction

One option that you may want to consider is selling your equipment at an auction. Rather than just advertising and waiting for replies, when this type of auction is held, the people that go are already looking for what you are selling. This eliminates waiting for someone that is interested in heavy equipment.

Before you decide on a price, you may want to get a professional to check the equipment and give you an idea of what it is worth. Although you know what you paid for it, the prices can change depending on the type of equipment, age, usage, and other factors. When you decide where you are going to sell the equipment – online or at an actual sight – you may need to find someone to haul it to another location. This is why companies such as Halbert Brothers Inc. offer machinery relocation in Los Angeles.

Different Types of Auctions

You may decide to sell your heavy equipment at an unreserved auction. If so, this type has no minimum for bidding or reserve prices. Whomever bids the highest amount is the proud new owner. This is the type of auction that many people like. They know what they are looking for, and they need it right away. Sometimes the prices can go pretty high, because there will be several people bidding on the same item.

If you prefer, you can find an auction that does have reserve prices. This allows you to reject the highest bid if it is less than what you want for your heavy equipment. Either way, auctions can be one of the ways of selling your equipment more quickly.