Things To Consider Before Buying A Personal Ballistics Shield

For many people across the country, keeping oneself and family safe is the most important priority you can have. A lot of citizens own guns to keep safe. However, a lot of gun owners fail to see the importance of also purchasing themselves a ballistics shield. Companies like offer buyers a variety of ballistics shields to choose from that are strong, safe and durable. Below are some of the top things to consider before you purchase a personal defense shield.

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Use Of Shield

There are many uses for a ballistics shield. They are often used for patrol and tactical reasons. There are also many people who buy personal shields to have when they are out driving around or ready for use in their home. If an intruder breaks into your home, you can use your shield to protect yourself while getting your gun.


Another thing to take into consideration before you purchase a ballistics shield is where it will be stored. They can be big and heavy and will need plenty of room to be stored properly. You will also want to have quick access to the shield if a situation arises.

Strength And Weight

The size, weight and strength of different shields vary greatly. Your use and where you plan to store it will help to determine the type of shield you should purchase. All shields created nowadays are portable and more lightweight than they used to be. As with all protective types of armor, the thicker it is, the heavier it will be. Most shields come with a manufacturer’s warranty and are insured for at least five years after purchase. Shields that are well taken care of can last longer.

Whether you are looking for a ballistics shield for your professional use or for personal use and protection, there are many to choose from. These tips are just a basic guide to help someone find the right personal shield to use. The most important feature of a shield is its ability to protect you in the event of a threat.