Battlefield V: List of Weapons, Vehicles, Gear Detailed

Battlefield V: List of Weapons, Vehicles, Gear Detailed

Battlefield V developer EA DICE has detailed the list of weapons, vehicles and gear that will be available to players for use in its World War II game.

Thirty primary weapons are part of Battlefield V: three assault rifles, five semi-automatic rifles, four bolt-action rifles, three self-loading rifles, seven submachine guns, four light machine guns, two medium machine guns, and two shotguns. Examples include M1A1 Carbine, Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l, and MG 42.

Additionally, Battlefield V has seven sidearms and nine melee weapons for you to play with, such as the Webley Revolver, a cricket bat, and pickaxe. You will also have 16 gadgets to choose from (flare gun and sticky dynamite among them), seven types of reinforcements to call upon from heavy tanks to rocket strikes, and five stationary/towable weapons like anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns.

Weapons can be customised in Battlefield V using ‘Specialisations’, which can improve aspects such as damage, accuracy, hip fire, and control among others. The developer notes that Specialisations “will never give players an unfair gameplay advantage”.

Lastly, Battlefield V players will be able to man, ride and fly a total of 24 vehicles spanning tanks, transports, and aircraft. The likes of Panzer IV, M3 Halftrack, and Spitfire are some of the available choices.

Battlefield V releases November 20 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can avail early access starting November 9 with EA’s subscription services Origin Access for PC and EA Access for Xbox One. And those who pre-order Deluxe Edition can start playing November 15.