Tips to Ace SBI PO Interview 2017

Want to be a part of SBI? Worked hard for a good government job? You are one step away from your dream to come true. SBI PO Result for Mains had been announced in July 2017 building in curiosity among the qualifiers about the dates of the interview and group discussion round. The wait is finally over as the dates for interview have been announced officially.

SBI is one of the most demanded banking organisation by the youth. The organisation offers opportunities and waivers to the appointed employees. Now that the interview is very close- September 03, 2017 you must be wondering about the questions to be asked in the interview. How would your experience be the scary (ironical) and intellectual jury? Staying calm and confident will get you through the last stage.

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The random questions asked during the interview can confuse even the sharpest of all. You need to be smart and mould your answers as per the expectations. Think wisely before answering but never take a lot of time to respond. Be honest if you have no idea about the answer, do not answer randomly as this might create a wrong impression and lead to failure. Most of the questions are from the introduction that you prepare to tell them about yourself.

Having an effective body language- smiling, eye-contact and solid posture is a major for any interview. Reaching the interview premises on or before time should be followed. Always consider the one liner- “First Impression is the Last Impression”. One must always have an appropriate answer if asked why are they interested in joining the banking industry. Here are few commonly asked questions in the interview:

  • Why do you want to join Banking Sector?
  • How did you find this bank teller job?
  • Tell your career goal for bank job?
  • What are your biggest strengths?
  • Do you have any question to ask us?
  • What is your greatest weakness that will prove the obstacle in this job?
  • What practices have you done to improve your bank knowledge in the last year?
  • How will you handle the stressful situation while dealing with the public?
  • Why should we hire you for our bank?
  • Tell us about our bank. Its objective, vision etc.

What all you must do on Interview Day?

Interview round is preceded by group discussion. You need to score qualifying marks in both interview and GD to get recruited to the desired post. Group discussion carries 20 marks while interview being important holds a weightage of 30 marks. Be mentally prepared for the interview, prepared to face the jury confidently!

  • The major skills required to crack the interview in SBI PO is Clarity of thoughts (why do you want to join a bank), Confident about your knowledge, Honesty, convincing communication skills, good work ethics and your seriousness about the opportunity you have got.
  • Being punctual and carrying all the necessary documents to the reporting center gets you plus points. Don’t forget to carry all the required certificates, mains score card and your SBI PO Admit Card to the allotted center. These are your entry passes to this final stage.
  • Your physical appearance is a major too. You need not look to fashionable but professional. Be neat, wear formal clothes- ironed properly. Make sure you are not using a strong fragranced deodorant or perfume. Also, you must not stink- bad odour gets you negative points.
  • Do not initiate any conversation as soon as you enter or meet the panel. Greeting them and asking them if you can come in or not will be a great start! If the jury doesn’t question you or begins any conversation, then initiating it will be a better option.
  • Introduce yourself as you enter and shake hands with the panel. Ask for the permission to sit and also offer them a copy of your CV or any certificate that you were carrying to show them. Carrying a blank paper and pen will add to the points.
  • Keeping a smile and sitting straight (without leaning) shows you are attentive. You can hide your nervousness by keeping hands on the table or on your lap. A blank expression while speaking or answering shows you are nervous.
  • Use your hands to express! Explaining things using gestures and words depicts your confidence which gets you plus points.

SBI PO Interview Experience by Shubhra

SBI PO Interview is an important stage in the exam as it is the final qualifying stage. You must be tensed and want to desperately get recruited to the bank. Here are the experience stories of few candidates who appeared for the interview:

Shubhra, appeared to the interview and GD in 2016, mentions the interview was scary but the jury was patient and intellectual. They tried to comfort her and smiled as she spoke to boost her confidence. “In the GD, there were 10 students and 2 jury members. We were given a simple topic and 5 minutes to write on a topic after which we were asked to discuss about it. My English teacher conducted GD as an activity in school because of which I knew initiating the discussion with a valid point would give me plus points”, says Shubhra.

After the discussion, a question is given to all the students wherein they had to prioritize the qualities, they would want in a person for a particular task. “We had to justify our priority list, so it was important to think sensibly and mark the choices with correct justification of each. We constantly monitored by the jury and they were allotting marks to each of us”, mentions Shubhra. The GD round lasts for 2 hours after which students are sent for the interview.

“The interviews welcome you to the room with a smile. So, one must smile back and greet them confidently. I was asked questions from topics taught to me in my graduation. Since I was from engineering, I was asked all the technical questions” says Shubhra. Not just technical terms from your education background, one has to be well versed with their CV and banking terminology. It is not necessary that each interviewer questions you, so make sure you are confident as you are being observed by the interviewer doesn’t question you.

Good luck for your interview!