Best Lamb recipes from Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are two places that have a lot of dependence on meat for their culinary marvels. Some of the signature dishes from the region are mostly all lamb-based and they are excellent for those who love to cook. The dishes contain some of the most delicious recipes and ingredients that make it worthwhile. Take a look at some of the best dishes that come from the region that one can have. Also, with Licious, one can get their meat online ordered for a night in with friends and family.


Lamb Roast:

This is one of the most famous dishes to have come from the region and is considered to be a classic. The dish consists of just plainly seasoning a piece of lamb with oil, salt, garlic and rosemary. One can also experiment by putting a number of spices into the dish to make it taste better, but the lamb roast has and always will be a classic Australian Sunday night dish. Along with the spices, it must be topped off with rosemary to give it that classic Australian touch, and it is sure to be a hit amongst your guests.

Honey Mustard Lamb Rack:

Lamb racks are another dish that are very popular and are coveted when one cooks lamb. Getting a good lamb rack is easy with Licious, which offers some of the best meat online India has to offer. Once the lamb rack is ready, one needs to marinate it with the help of honey and mustard along with other spices, to give it that authentic spicy taste.

The garlic-herb topping gives it that crispy feel that is excellent for those who like crispy meat. One thing for sure is the fact that all your guests will be asking for more, as the dish is a sure winner!

Lamb Backstrap:

The lamb backstrap is one of those meat dishes that are boneless and contain a nice, juicy piece of lamb meat. The backstrap dish can be marinated with spices and condiments and then set for grilling or frying, and they both taste absolutely smashing. Make sure that you get a good grade of meat that you can use for cooking the backstrap. The backstrap piece is very tender and is full of flavour that adds to the succulent taste of the dish.

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