Giphy’s New Online Tool Lets You Easily Create Gif Images From Videos

Gif images have quickly become one of the most frequently used and admired languages on the Web. Why bother writing so many words when there is a moving-image available out there somewhere that can sum up your thoughts? A picture is said to be worth 1,000 words anyway. But even the biggest gif image lovers would agree that creating a gif image from a video file isn’t the easiest thing to do. Someone has just made it easier. Giphy, which is known for its large database of gif images, has just created a tool dubbed Gif Maker to help you quickly create gif images.

The Giphy’s Gif Maker is a free online tool, which means that you don’t have to worry about installing any software on your device. You open the webpage and feed it with a YouTube link or a video file from your computer from which you want to grab a gif image file. The interface is straight-forward. Gif Maker allows you to drag and set the start and finish times. It does all the processing in the cloud and provides you with a gif image which you can save on your computer, or share with your friends on the Web. Do remember, however, that by default, all the gif files you’re creating get stored in Giphy database.

Talking about its features, Gif Maker supports high-quality HTML5 files. As long as you have a direct link of a video files, Gif Maker appears to be supporting it. It, however, doesn’t support videos hosted on Vimeo for some reason. What’s more, you can visit the website from your smartphone and make gif images. As before, if users do not want to make gif images from videos, but use images instead, the Slideshow option is available for them.

Notably, Google started testing a built-in gif creator for YouTube late last year, making it available under the Share menu for certain videos. The feature is yet to roll out broadly however, and it is expected the rollout will remain limited, what with the innumerable possible copyright issues.