Mogees Sensor Converts Anything Into A Musical Instrument


Musicians looking to create some individual and very unique sounds might be interested in the new Mogees Sensor that has been created to transform any object into a musical instrument.

The Mogees has been specifically designed for musicians to have a wealth of new creative possibilities and using the sensors companion application on either iOS or Android devices.

The Mogees is simply stuck to anything you would like to play. Watch the video below to learn more about the Mogees Sensor inspiration and functionality behind the small palm-sized device. As developers explain a little more :

The Mogees sensor captures every vibration you create as you play any object to which it is attached. We have spent 12 months designing this sensor, an extremely high quality contact microphone and the first ever to be designed to work with smartphones. Our custom Mogees adapter also allows you to use it with standard audio equipment and computers.

Mogees is literally plug & play – simply select your instrument and start playing; Mogees will detect the audio frequency generated by your gesture and will tune the sound of your instrument accordingly.

But there is so much more… you can create your own bespoke instrument or MIDI controller using our innovative gesture recognition technology. Just record a few examples of taps and scratching, perhaps hitting different objects as well. You can then associate each of these with a different sound or MIDI note.