EndlessID NFC Wearable Hits Kickstarter


A new NFC wrist worn wearable has been created by EndlessID that has been designed to secure your smartphone even when unlocked providing privacy as well as allowing you to share your contact details with a simple tap on any NFC device.

The EndlessID NFC wearable has taken to kickstart it to raise the $25,000 it requires to go into production, and with still 19 days remaining on the campaign the project is almost there, thanks to over 225 backers.
Watch the video below to learn more about this new EndlessID NFC wearable device that is available from £15 via the Kickstarter website. Its developers explain a little more.

As we store more and more personal information in smartphones, there is an ever-growing need to keep this data private and protected. EndlessID (EID), a suite based on patent-pending security and privacy features, has created a line of products and features that can help protect all kinds of data stored on mobile devices.

All EndlessID products contain a chip that functions as an ID, which identifies you as a person and recognizes your account. That ID can only be read or recorded by our apps or our SDK / APIs and will not be accessible by anyone else.

Rest assure it has strict security measures. In itself, within our devices, no type of information is stored, instead your information will be accessed through the ID that is in your EID device. This allows our devices to maintain all your information secure at all times. You do not need to worry in the case that you were to misplace your EID product or have it stolen. It will not be a problem since you can lock the device and your EndlessID product making it impossible to access the information.