Apple, Google Top List of 100 Most Valuable Brands: Interbrand

Apple, Google Top List of 100 Most Valuable Brands: InterbrandApple Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Coca-Cola Co topped the list of the world’s 100 most valuable brands in 2016, while technology and automotive brands dominated the overall rankings, according to a new report from brand consultancy Interbrand.

Microsoft Corp, Toyota Motor Corp, IBM Corp, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Inc, Mercedes-Benz and General Electric Co were also on the Top 10 list, according to Interbrand’s 2016 Best Global Brands report.

Social network Facebook Inc, e-commerce giant Amazon and toy company Lego were the top growing brands.

This year, technology and automotive took 29 of 100 rankings on the annual list.

The report ranks brands based on financial performance, its influence on customers and its power to command a premium price or drive company sales.

Apple’s brand value rose 5 percent from a year ago to $178 billion (roughly Rs. 11,86,945 crores) and Google’s brand value was up 11 percent from a year ago to $133 billion (roughly Rs. 8,86,871 crores), according to the report.
Apple, Google and Coca-Cola are the most valuable brands as “their finances are strong, their brand is a powerful driver of choice and they are very strong compared to competitors,” Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global chief executive officer, said.

Hitting the Top 100 for the first time, French fashion brand Dior and Silicon Valley automaker Tesla Motors Inc at Nos. 89 and 100 respectively. Hugo Boss, Chevrolet and Kleenex dropped off the list, the report said.

Interbrand is part of Omnicom Group Inc.

Google Now Lets You Play Solitaire and Tic Tac Toe in Search Results

Google Now Lets You Play Solitaire and Tic Tac Toe in Search Results

  • You can now play Solitaire or Tic Tac Toe from Google Search results
  • Games available for both mobile and desktop versions of search results
  • You just need to search either title’s name in Google Search to play

With weekend approaching and last working day to get through, you might find Google’s latest addition to its search results delightful. The search giant has just added two classic games Solitaire and Tic Tac Toe right into its search results and seem s to be tempting you to take a fun detour from your research work while you are at work.

All you have to do in order to play these games is search either ‘Solitaire’ or ‘Tic Tac Toe’ in Google Search. On the top of other search results, you will now see the option to play the game right away. In case of Solitaire, you will get to choose from two options in terms of difficulty, i.e. Easy and Hard, while in case of Tic Tac Toe, apart from the difficulty options, you also get the option to play against your friend locally.

These games have been added to both mobile and desktop versions of the search results and the interface of the games looks quite simple as well as aesthetically pleasing. The games appear to support most browsers.

 It is not the first time that Google has added an extra utility option to its search results as the site already allows you to hear the sounds that various animals directly from its search results. For example, if you search “what sound does a pig make”, you will get the option to hear the sound of ‘oink’ without being redirected to another website.

With addition of these games, Google Search seems to be heading in a direction to become a hub where the most basic apps are available to you without having to head to other websites.


Google Play Store To Get A New Design Shortly

google play

Google recently released the new major version of their mobile OS, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and now it looks like the Google Play Store is about to get a complete re-design.

Kirill Grouchnikov, a software engineer at Google has posted some photos of the new look of the Play Store on Google+.

The next version will launch as Google Play 6.0 and it will come with a more streamlined layout  and will feature two main tabs, one for games and apps , the other for entertainment. The new design will also bring a range of new animations to the Play Store.

google play

As yet there are no details on when the Google Play 6.0 will be released, although the photos were posted with the word ‘Soon’ next to them on Google+. As soon as we get some more information on when the update is coming, we will let you guys know.

Google Search Adds App Indexing Support in Safari on iOS 9

Google back in May introduced app indexing to iOS apps which showed iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users contents from within mobile apps straight from Google Search. The search engine giant is expanding the feature to the Safari browser by making it compatible with HTTP deep link standards for the latest iOS 9 OS version.

In other words, Google has enabled app indexing with deep linking which will now show app content in search results page of Safari in iOS 9. Google further detailing the method has asked developers to add Universal Links to their iOS app and then integrate with its SDK. The company expects that users should start seeing app content in Safari on iOS by end of this month.

In a Google+ post, the company writes, “Getting your app content found on Google just got easier. App Indexing is now compatible with HTTP deep link standards for iOS 9, as it has been on Android from the beginning. That means that you can start getting your app content into the Search results page on Safari in iOS, simply by adding Universal Links to your iOS app, then integrating with our SDK. With this improvement, we will no longer support new integrations on iOS 7 and iOS 8. Users will start seeing your app content in Safari on iOS at the end of October.”

ios_9_google_app_indexing_official.jpgGoogle’s official App Indexing page notes, “The Google App Indexing documentation for iOS 9 is available to the public. Our systems will begin serving iOS universal links in mid-October. App Indexing for iOS versions 7 and 8 is now deprecated and no longer available for new integrations.”

Google’s mobile searches on Android have been displaying relevant information from Android apps for a while now.

Google to Remove Chrome Desktop Notification Centre; Chrome 46 Launched


Google will remove the Chrome desktop notification centre in the upcoming version of the browser. The search giant said not many users visited the notification centre and some disabled it, which made the feature pointless. It was introduced in 2013. The company also rolled out Chrome v46 for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms with bug fixes and security improvements.

As per Justin DeWitt, Software Engineer, the upcoming Chrome version would be completely eliminating the desktop notifications option from Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, the feature would still be there in Chrome OS, adds DeWitt on the Chromium blog post. The company has also given link to the new notification documentation for developers that shows “changes that will affect Chrome app and extension developers who send notifications to the centre.”

In the upcoming release of Chrome, notifications sent to the notification centre would result in an error “and API events tied to the center will no longer fire.” Other notifications would however, work normally. “With the growth of Web push, notifications are an increasingly important way for users to engage with web pages they care about. By streamlining the experience on desktop, Chrome can ensure a simple notification experience on every platform,” the blog said.

Google also rolled out Chrome v46 for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux with several bug fixes and security improvements. The updated browser would start marking HTTPS websites with minor errors with the same blank page icon used for HTTP websites. Earlier these pages were marked with yellow caution triangles. As per the firm, it is a better indication for security. However, the secured HTTPS pages, regular HTTP pages and broken HTTPS pages icons would stay unchanged.

google_chrome_45_46_compare_https_icon_blog.jpgIntroducing the new icon placement for websites, Google expects more HTTP site operators to shift to HTTPS. “We have to strike a balance: representing the security state of a webpage as accurately as possible, while making sure users are not overwhelmed with too many possible states and details. We’ve come to understand that our yellow “caution triangle” badge can be confusing when compared to the HTTP page icon, and we believe that it is better not to emphasize the difference in security between these two states to most users. For developers and other interested users, it will still be possible to tell the difference by checking whether the URL begins with https://,” the Google Online Security blog post said.

For Android, Chrome v46.0.2490.76 improves the performance as it now uses new optimized image loading and service tools. Developers can also animate a graphical content “along an arbitrary path declaratively as a CSS property.” These features were introduced in Chrome 46 Beta last month. The complete list can be seen in the company’s blog post. The updated browser app would be available to download from Google Play in next few days.