Home Seller Tips: Increasing the Value of a Home With New Vinyl Siding

When the time comes to sell your home, curb appeal is important for attracting buyers and good offers. While old, unattractive siding can turn buyers away from your property, new siding can bring buyers calling. Understanding the difference that your home’s siding can make can help you decide whether or not new siding is right for you.

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How Old Siding Can Turn Away Buyers

When buyers see old siding, their concerns turn instantly to their budget and the time it would take to repair or replace the home’s existing siding. Some of the greatest concerns of home buyers may include:

  • More work. Old siding will need to be replaced or repaired after the home is purchased. Moving into a new home is already a lot of work, so many home buyers shy away from purchasing properties that are not “turn key.”
  • Curb appeal. Old siding can detract your from curb appeal by making the house look older and in need of repair.
  • Reduced home value. Knowing that a major system in the home will soon need to be replaced or repaired after move-in, many home buyers will make a lower offer, if they make an offer at all.

What to Look For When Evaluating Your Home’s Siding

Not all old siding will instantly turn away buyers. The most problematic siding will be in poor shape and will need a lot of work to make your home look its best again. If you’re trying to decide whether or not your home’s siding needs to be replaced before putting your home on the market, look for these qualities:

  • Peeling paint. Paint is what protects wooden siding from UV rays as well as rain. Peeling paint is an indication that your home’s siding has been compromised. If the paint is peeling from your home, likely some of the wood will need to be replaced before the siding can be painted again.
  • Stains from mold or mildew. Mold and mildew can leave hard-to-remove stains. Over time, these stains can become permanent, leaving the home looking shabby and dirty.
  • Rotten boards. Rotten siding boards will feature soft wood that is stained and can be easily penetrated by an awl or a screw driving. These boards will need to be replaced before painting.
  • Warped siding. Some types siding can be warped by exposure to heat. If enough of the siding is warped, replacing the entire siding on the home may be the only practical way to repair the damage.
  • Faded coloring. If your home’s non-wood siding has faded over time, replacement is the best way to make your home stand out and attract buyers.
  • Cracks, cuts and holes in the siding. Due to natural wear and tear, your home’s siding may develop cracks, cuts, holes and punctures. While a few punctures or cracks may be repairable, if there are many of these areas, replacement may be more practical.

If you’re not sure whether or not your siding needs to be replaced, a siding expert may be able to help.

Benefits of New Siding

New siding has many benefits for homeowners who would like to sell their home soon.

  • Appearance. New siding is naturally beautiful and clean, which is exactly what buyers look for when seeking a new home.
  • Boosts property value. New vinyl siding can deliver as much as 89% ROI, thus leading to bigger offers and happy buyers. As far as improvement projects go, this is one of the better investments.
  • Make a great first impression. New siding has a way of making a home look brand new. This can help buyers relax when they pull up to the property, knowing that the house they’re about to see has been well-maintained.

Get Started Early

Homeowners who are thinking about selling their homes in the next year might benefit from replacing their home’s siding. Talking to a professional early in the process can help ensure there’s enough time to have the siding replaced before putting the house up for sale.

How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches: Five Instant Solutions You Should Try

Cockroaches are a nuisance to human species. They are the prime transporters of harmful disease across the globe. These detrimental microbes have the ability to contaminate our everyday items of utility including food, bed covers, house flooring etc. They feed on other microbes and transport the absorbed saliva of the latter to infest other objects. Therefore, it is important to get rid of these bacteria spreading microbes for a hygienic lifestyle. You can always search for professionals online, let’s say GoodService for an example, if you are finding difficult to hire a professional.


1. Regular cleaning

First and foremost, clean your homes daily with phenyl or other disinfectants. This prevents cockroaches to gather and inturn keep your place cockroach free. This is mainly because these microbes are attracted towards dirty corners and shelves. This includes
•    Stale food items kept in open
•    Kitchen chimneys stuck with grease
•    Spilled liquids on the floor etc.
Thus, always remember to clear away the dirty dishes after meal as a single piece of dirt can fill your home with innumerable cockroaches. You can always search for professionals online, let’s say GoodService for an example, if you are finding difficult to hire a professional.
2. Fix up cracks and holes

Microbes like cockroach do not require huge places to accumulate. Instead it is the tiny holes or your kitchen sinks that feature as the favorite feeding place for such beings. Therefore, ban their unlawful entry to your house by sealing up leaking cracks and holes. You can do this by applying a tube of chalk or M-seal on the cracked areas. Even a hit killer can work out and solve your problem.

3. Check the water leaks and repair them immediately

According to the experts, water and moisture are of the primary sources of cockroach assimilation. Even a bowl of standing water in your sink can become their new place of attack. There exist many species of cockroaches who can survive without food for several days but only a few hours without water. Thus, in order to fix them, get your water leaks repaired today itself. In addition, beware of the water standing in your washbasins or kitchen sinks and clear them immediately. Also try not to over water your garden plants as this can later transform into a storehouse of cockroaches.
4. Use coffee

You will be amazed to know that coffee aids in getting rid of cockroaches. You just need to follow the instructions given below:
•    Place a small cup of coffee kernels in a large jar half-filled with water.
•    You need to keep 2-3 similar jars (as above)
•    Place the above jars at those places which observe the maximum accumulation of cockroaches.
•    Just see the miracle

Cockroaches will start gathering towards the jars due to the attractive aroma. Inturn they will try entering the jar itself thereby getting captured. Therefore, in this way you can trap the cockroaches with such an ease.
5. Prepare a bait of sugar and borax

This is yet another way to free your house of unwanted cockroaches. Read on further in order to get acquainted with this method
•    Prepare a mixture of sugar and borax to serve cockroaches
•    Place it in required quantities at different corners of your house
•    What will you observe later will be a line of dead cockroaches wherever you must have applied this mixture

Thus, in this way you can get rid of nuisance spreading cockroaches in just a few hours.
Therefore, time and again the above elaborated methods have proved efficient in dealing with such perilous microbes. These methods are successfully initiated by well to do families without the help of pest control companies. I hope these methods will to be adequate enough to fight these increasingly annoying microbes and make your homes a better place to live in.

Remodeling the kitchen! Opt for U shaped this time

You would try as much as you can to add that little hitch to your home in many ways, but experimenting in the kitchen and disturbing something that you are already using for cooking can be killed at some point. It is only due to this reason that it is often advised to get your kitchen designed in such a way that it seems perfect for your eyes as well as to your cooking needs. If you are one of those who has to have a huge storage space in the kitchen this option of a U shaped kitchen will be perfect for you. Designed in such a way that each and every corner of the space is utilized to its maximum, this design can be chosen for any amount of space that is available. Often it is said that the U shaped kitchen is a dream of every cook. The design is such that it has a varied range of elongated cabinets. This helps in storing everything in the right way and also ensuring that the place looks completely elegant.aaaaThere are ample numbers of U shaped kitchen designs that you can take a look at over the internet. Since the websites selling and designing furniture online are quite many, you can get a lot of inspirations and ideas so that it helps you in explaining your requirements to the designers and also in understanding the pointers that they talk about when trying to explain you a particular kitchen design. There are many design and material options that you can choose from. When you take a look at the online kitchen furniture and design galleries, you will see that people these days try to use the bright colors and scrutinized designs. For instance, be it the design that uses everything in stainless steel or something that is made of teak wood and well polished edges.

If you talk about the kitchen designs that were prevalent a few years back, things did not look oriented and elegant. But now, no matter how small the place is you can surely get a parallel kitchen design customized accordingly and then designed to cater the needs without worrying about the space available. In the u shaped kitchen, one area can purely use to place your cooking equipments like coffee maker, microwave oven, etc. and the other can be used for placing the stove. The third side can be used as a dining place as well. Since the design has been thought in such a way that there are ample number of drawers and cabinets everywhere, things get placed in a systematic manner thus ensuring that outer areas look completely clean and sorted.

So now that you are planning to get your kitchen remodeled, consider the online options and then make a purchase with the designs available online or get them customized as per the budgets and needs you have in mind. These options come as something that completely saves you money and give your kitchen a complete makeover.

Try These 4 Tricks to Make a Tiny Bathroom Feel Huge


Greg Chow

Making a minuscule bathroom appear practical, tidy, and even a tad stylish is pretty darn impossible, right? Wrong! If you focus on clever storage solutions and go bold with color and accents, you can create a space that’s both functional and stylish without breaking the bank. Or the commode, as it were.

From storage solutions to playful accents, here are clever design secrets to get the most out of your Lilliputian powder room.

Step 1: Deal with storage

After you’ve pared down extra toiletries and items that you don’t need to store in your cramped restroom, you’ll need to find the right containers and storage space for them, says Allison Petty, an interior designer with Homepolish, a national design firm based in New York City.

So how do you decide what you really need to keep within arm’s reach (beyond the blatantly obvious, that is)? Anything you’ve had more than a year, toss. Items you use less than once a week, you can put into a closet or other storage area.

Under-sink storage


Under-sink storage

Expandable, under-the-sink organizers (like this one from the Container Store) help double your storage space where it counts. A small bathroom might have a shallow medicine cabinet, or none at all.

“Install a deeper, inexpensive medicine cabinet that provides more space,” Petty says. Storage furniture won’t fit in a small bathroom, so it’s smart to maximize your wall space to help keep things off the sink and floor. Speaking of which, the things you’ll want to put in storage bins include tissues, cosmetics, spare towels, and hair accessories and styling tools. Hide cleaning supplies, extra rolls of toilet paper, and other items you don’t want in plain view in the vanity.

Put a single towel rack behind the door or a nice metal train rack mounted on the wall above the toilet (or opposite it) so you have a place to hang fresh towels and used ones, says Susie Kurkowski, owner of Items of Interest, a home decor boutique inBrooklyn, NY, that also houses her full-service interior design firm, DesignCorp.

One word of caution on those towel racks and hooks: Don’t overdo it, and limit the amount of towels to the absolute bare minimum. For a powder room, just a hand towel will do. For a full bathroom, two to three towels, max.

Step 2: Go bold with color

Just because your bathroom is a wee short on space doesn’t mean it can’t pack a stylish punch with some color and cool patterns. Petty likes to play with artful wallpaper to add oomph, as long as the patterns aren’t too big or overwhelming. Try a simple graphic pattern—such as a trellis or chevron—that almost serves as a piece of art.

Decorative wallpaper

Susie Kurkowski

Decorative wallpaper

If you plan to paint the ceiling (and hey, why not?!), choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than the wall color by mixing the primary color with white paint. The reason? Ceilings tend to catch the shadows in a room, so a lighter color tricks the eye into thinking the space is a little bigger, Kurkowski says. Small bathrooms are great places to explore your wild side with color, so if you want to use rich or bright hues, let loose—any color goes!

There’s one rule: Go for light and bright colors in the master bath, Kurkowski advises. Lighter shades make it easier to see while you’re shaving or putting on makeup. Also, some of those wild colors you love might cast an odd pallor on your face in subpar lighting.

Step 3: Light it up

Unless you want to resemble early ’90s Iggy Pop in the morning, stay far away from fluorescent lightbulbs in the bathroom. Halogen or xenon bulbs are the best options near the vanity, ideally on either side of the mirror over the sink (if room permits). Otherwise, ceiling pendants or recessed lighting are your best friends. Try aplug-in pendant in front of a sliding mirror vanity or just to the side of a mirror cabinet that opens for an easy DIY design.

A great addition (if your budget allows) is a damp-rated waterproof recessed light in the shower. It helps you see better, especially behind a dark shower curtain.

Shower with recessed lights

forumphi.com via Houzz.com

Shower with recessed lights

Step 4: Play with accents

Feel free to let your creative (and fun!) side out in small guest bathrooms. Hang a brightly framed or fun-shaped (like a hexagon) mirror  over the vanity to pump up the decorative flair; it can be big or small. For a tiny master bath, though, a recessed mirror is your best bet, says Kurkowski, who prefers the sleek look of Robern products. If you don’t have the dough to spend on a high-end mirror, you’ll find plenty of great options at your local home improvement store.

Resist the urge to decorate with potpourri bowls or fake floral arrangements that attract dust and add clutter to your sink space. Sleek-looking canisters for your cotton balls and swabs, along with one piece of eye-catching artwork, are all you need in a small bathroom.

A narrow shelf placed about 6 inches above a toilet gives you bonus surface area for those canisters. Make it the same width as the toilet tank, Kurkowski advises.

Both designers voice caution about bath mats. “A lot of times, normal-size bath mats don’t fit well in a tiny bathroom, and it’s always on the floor,” Kurkowski says. Smaller, low-pile bath mats work fine, but Kurkowski prefers to nix them in most cases.

Shower curtains, however, can truly transform a room. When choosing a curtain, “bring a pattern or color into the bathroom that you really love, but make sure it balances out with other elements and the colors on your walls,” Petty says.

If you decide not to go with wallpaper, a beautiful curtain—in a light color—can become a focal point. Kurkowski has been sourcing lots of curtains from Urban Outfitters. See, big design can come in small spaces.

Ceramic Is the New Granite: Tips From the World’s Coolest Kitchens

Black ceramic kitchen from "150 Best New Kitchens"

Alno AG

Hey, want a new kitchen? Maybe a better question would be: Who doesn’t? The kitchen is one of the two most popular rooms to renovate, and quite possibly the star attraction for most buyers looking at a home. After all, It’s a place to make food, share food, socialize (while eating food), and spend time with family (no food necessary!). Bottom line: You’re likely to spend a disproportionate slice of your time in this part of your home. So why not make it great?

And as with any remodel, there are endless style possibilities, which basically means opportunities to agonize over the renovation road not taken. Quartz or granite countertops? Knock down that wall or improve it? Stainless-steel appliances or ones that look like wood cabinets?

Well, we’re not going to make any decisions for you—sorry!—but for ideas and inspiration, we turned to Manel Gutierrez, author of “150 Best New Kitchens.” For his new book, Gutierrez curated a selection of the most exciting kitchen designs from around the world, and we’ve presented some of those highlights here. Enjoy!


Mixed materials shine in an airy space.


Kitchen with mixed materials from "150 Best New Kitchens"

Don’t just open up your kitchen, integrate it

Yes, everyone knows that an open-plan living area is brighter and airier, but somehow the kitchen always ends up looking like … a kitchen. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Pick appliances with finishes that mimic cabinets, and show off your shelves with objects and books, just like you would in your living room.

Gutierrez says the design solutions he profiles in his book aren’t just focused on the kitchen—they also “seek to achieve an aesthetic unity” with the living and dining areas.

“The best results are truly original, beautiful, and, above all, very practical.”

Shelves in the kitchen are used as they would be in a living room—to show off objects.


Shelves in the kitchen are used as they would be in a living room—to show off objects.
Eye-catching ash wood connects the kitchen with the rest of the living space.


Eye-catching ash wood connects the kitchen with the rest of the living space.


Play with materials

Gutierrez says one of the main trends he noticed was the wider-than-ever variety of materials being used in kitchens today. Ceramic, stone, glass, and lacquer are taking their place alongside stainless steel. And best of all, designers are mixing and matching them with abandon.

“The more different the materials, the more interesting and intense the resulting combination,” he writes. While concrete is “the preferred construction material for modern architecture,” ceramic is an up-and-comer that’s both attractive and resistant—it’s even been used in space exploration. Hey, if it’s good enough for the astronauts, it’s good enough for your kitchen.

But it’s nice to know that traditional materials haven’t lost their luster either. The all-time favorite? Good ol’ wood.

This kitchen is made of concrete and Canadian pine reclaimed from packing crates.

Guillerme Morelli

This kitchen is made of concrete and Canadian pine reclaimed from packing crates. From "150 Best New Kitchen Ideas."
This kitchen makes use of stainless steel, ceramic and wood.

Alno AG


Go all white—or all black!

“White has many benefits: it looks harmonious and creates a sense of cleanliness,” Gutierrez writes. “Combined with red it is unbeatable.”

In fact, the monochromatic look always makes a strong design statement, whether it’s light or dark. The use of dark-stained wood adds a natural touch to this hypermodern black kitchen/dining room.

A dramatic black kitchen gets a touch of warmth from natural—but also dark—wood.


Black and wood kitchen in Kaohsiung City from "150 Best New Kitchen Ideas"


Use switch hitters

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a palatial kitchen, everything in the space had better pull its weight—and then some. These features do double duty:

This kitchen’s island doubles as a work surface and a dining table.

Alno AG

This kitchen's island doubles as a work surface and as a dining table. From "150 Best New Kitchen Ideas"
The stove has a ventilation plate rather than a hood, which also works as a shelf.


The stove has a ventilation plate rather than a hood, which also works as a shelf.  From "150 Best New Kitchen Ideas"


The most important part is what you don’t see

In general, storage is like the Spanx of modern kitchen design—when it’s good, you don’t know it’s there, but it makes everything sleeker, tighter, and more put together. Top-notch storage design makes use of those odd corners and makes even gigantic gadgets such as that Vitamix blender disappear.

That said, you can make strategic exceptions—and make a design statement.