Learn F Sharp, HTML5 and CSS3, MEAN Stack Course from the Comfort of Your Home

F sharp is a functional programming language which is best suited for computer science, machine learning, distributed computing and web applications. To learn this functional language, many training classes are available in online.

What the course is about?

This course is particularly framed for the people those who do not know about programming. This training provides the participants an introduction to programming in F sharp. In this course, the participants can learn about the functional programming features.

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The Benefits of learning the course

At the end of this F sharp training, the candidates will be able to

  • Run the F# in an interactive environment
  • Understand how the values and functions work in F#
  • Create dynamic websites and web applications
  • Learn how to utilize the web applications with JavaScript
  • Learn about the full stack web development

Who can take this course?

This training course is suitable for the following professionals,

  • The developers those who want to learn an awesome functional programming language
  • People those who want to learn about the basics of functional programming

One of the popular scripting languages used by the developers is HTML. This HTML language is beneficial for the developer as far as designing is concerned. Mainly, CSS is used for customizing the haves of the website.

What the course is about?

The HTML5 and CSS3 course will teach the candidates regarding how to use the HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive websites that clients will love. The candidates can also learn how to design their own website as per the demands of the company.

In this course, the participants will learn about the basics of HTML language and how to use CSS3 concept along with the HTML. And they can learn how to utilize it for website and application development.

Who can take this course?

This course can be taken by the following professionals,

  • Web designers
  • Bloggers
  • Programmers
  • Business owners
  • Web programmers

About the MEAN stack course

The MEAN Stack course is a combination of the technologies such as the MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. This technology is the latest trend in the full stack JavaScript development. In this course, the candidates will learn about the basics of MEAN and its uses and components. From this course, the participants will know how to create and test enterprise style applications.

Also, the candidates will learn about the JavaScript functions and features and how to use it for application development.

Through this course, the candidates will learn

  • How to create and query MongoDB documents
  • How to develop single page applications
  • How to route the single page applications
  • How to develop Angular JS reusable services, filters and directives

Who can take this course?

This course can be pursued by the Web developers and entrepreneurs that want to build and test their own applications using MEAN. Theparticipants will get greater benefits by attending this course. Course certification will be issued at the end of this course.

Ways toSlowing Down the Aging Process

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How to choose the correct medication

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How do they work?

Your age does not matter when you are purchasing any kind of HGH pills. It will work the same on any human body, though very little difference has been noticed from person to person depending on their physique. The pills do not tend to pump an extra amount of HGH into your body but help your body function so that it can produce more naturally. Due to this process, the muscles which are gained are hard and healthy. Whenever you work out your muscle fibers end up in tiny tears due to the heavy load that you lifting. The pills help to recover you after intense workout allowing your muscles to return to its previous position at a much quicker pace. They are actually tissues that get damaged; now, when they are getting fixed again it means that the pill is building muscle on your body. Legally buy growth hormone boosters to get this process in a safe and positive manner.

US Astronaut Casts His Ballot From Space

Election Day 2016: US Astronaut Casts His Ballot From Space
Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, the only US citizen in space on Election Day, cast his vote from the International Space Station (ISS), NASA said Tuesday.

Kimbrough, 45, who arrived on board the ISS in mid-October, exercised his right to vote from the space platform orbiting the Earth at 27,000kms (17,780 miles) per hour.

“An electronic and secure ballot is sent to the member of the ISS crew from the clerk in his county. (The astronaut) fills in the form and returns it electronically. It’s all secure. It is all private,” Efe news agency cited a NASA statement.

A 1997 Texas law allows astronauts away from Earth to vote on Election Day provided, they request their ballots one year before launch.

Before launching on a four-month mission, Kimbrough said it was going to be special, being able to say ‘I voted from space’, Daily Mail reported.
Astronauts are ‘pretty much apolitical,’ he told reporters last month adding that he will be glad to welcome the new president, whoever it may be.
Previous US crewmember on board the ISS, astronaut Kate Rubins, also voted from space before returning to Earth last week.

Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro In-Ear Headphones Launched: Price, Release Date, Specifications

Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro In-Ear Headphones Launched: Price, Release Date, Specifications and MoreXiaomi announces new products every now and then but there are some products that are not kept exclusive to its home country. One of these products is earphones and the company has now launched new in-ear headphones in its Piston series named ‘Piston 3 Pro’. The company has not announced the availability of the earphones for other countries but it will go on sale in China from Friday.

The Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro earphones have been priced at CNY 149 (roughly Rs. 1,500) and will be shipping with four different sizes of ear plugs. The earphones have a CNC diamond-cut aluminium sound chamber with an anodised surface and a CD pattern engraved design, as pointed out by Gizmo China. Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro earphones make use of a “Graphene diaphragm,” which allows for more powerful double coils along with the moving piston to produce more natural sounds, the company says on its official product page.

The earphones come with three in-line control buttons to play, pause, and change tracks. The 1.25-metre wire on the Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro earphones has a matte finish but the company has not made it flat to give a tangle-free experience. The earphones can be expected to be durable as the company claims that the earphones have gone through 700 quality tests that were harsher than the industry standard. The earphones weigh in at 17 grams, have an impedance of 32 Ohms, a frequency range of 20-40KHz and sport a 3.5mm jack. They come with 3 silicone ear buds and a travel bag.

The company launched its Piston in-ear headphones in India in 2014 and the new entrant in the series might as well make its way to India eventually but there is no word on Indian release of the earphones just as yet.