Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Usage Reportedly Rises 10 Percent Despite Second Recall

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Usage Reportedly Rises 10 Percent Despite Second Recall
A 10 percent rise since replaced units started catching fire
The highest Galaxy Note 7 usage was reported this week
Samsung has asked all customers to stop using the device
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy and its eventual death will go down in the history books for sure. The company has now halted production and sale, and has asked customers to stop using the device altogether. However, even after more than 90 cases of explosions and catching fire have been reported, many customers still pay no heed to the danger that Galaxy Note 7 poses. According to the latest data, there has been a constant rise in the usage of the Galaxy Note 7, and the highest was reported this week itself.

Furthermore, Apteligent reports that a 10 percent rise has happened after the announcement that replaced units are catching fire as well. This rise is worrying, especially because of the threat these units pose, and that Samsung itself has advised customers to stop using the phone.

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 a little early this year, to fend off Apple competition. However, the strategy backfired badly after reports of several Galaxy Note 7 units exploding started coming in. Samsung SDI batteries were reportedly blamed for the explosions, and started replacing old units with new batteries taken from China’s Amperex Technologies. However, as mentioned, even the replacement units started catching fire.

One such incident even happened on a US plane, after which the entire plane had to be evacuated (no one was harmed, and the plane had not taken off). Videos of the phone catching fire, and photos of damaged units ruining hotel property started surfacing, and Samsung had to take the tough decision of killing off the Galaxy Note 7 altogether. This will cost the company billions of dolllars and, not to mention, the goodwill of its customers.


Adding salt to the injury, Samsung’s engineers are still unable to detect the flaw that is causing these explosions. One theory claims that the battery seems to be at fault, while another blames some SoC tweaks to enable fast charging. In any case, we urge all Galaxy Note 7 users to exchange their smartphone immediately for cash or another Samsung smartphone. If not for your own safety, do it for the safety of the people around you.

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