Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Replacement Units Reported to Have Overheating, Battery Issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Replacement Units Reported to Have Overheating, Battery Issues
Issues with replacement units currently highlighted only in South Korea
Exchange program kicked off in the US last week
Company says issues are not related to battery
If we call these to be hard times for Samsung, it will be deemed as an understatement for the South Korean company. Earlier this month, the company asked its consumers to stop using Galaxy Note 7 units, due to battery issues that caused some of smartphone units to explode while charging. It also announced a global recall for the device and started handing out replacement units that it claimed were safe. Now, it seems like these replacement units have their own ‘non-explosive’ issues.

South Korean TV network YTN has reported, as noted by the Wall Street Journal, that some customers in South Korea are having issues with their Galaxy Note 7 replacement units. As per the report, the replacement units of the device that were issued through the exchange program are overheating and losing some amount of battery power even when they are plugged in for charging.

Even though the company has not revealed the number of cases that have been registered for these issues, a Samsung spokesperson has reportedly said that the issues are completely unrelated to the battery on the device. He further said that the issues are related to mass production of the smartphone and company is closely observing the situation.
The company had officially recalled around 1 million Galaxy Note 7 units in the US and the replacement program in the country kicked off last week.

Interestingly, some users earlier complained that the Galaxy Note 7 units that have been bought from Samsung’s US website are allegedly not being replaced and are only eligible for refund.

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