Understanding the deals, discounts and sales offered by e-commerce Websites

Online shopping has made our lives much easier and if you ask it from a lazy person like me, I am glad that this revolution took place. I am one of those people who just like to sit at home, scroll for things on their smartphones/pc screens and purchase a product. Its too easy, and its adding to my clumsiness, anyways the online companies we buy from, sometimes just go crazy and offer discounts that are beyond expectations. But what we don’t understand is that there are too many factors hidden behind these discounts rather than just lower prices.

Taking up various types of discounts from a company’s point of view

Consider me as an online shopping company, if I had more than 10 competitors in my field the foremost things that would bring the customers more to me would be lower prices, offering the same product at lower price and thus gaining a customer’s trust, for this I would offer a first time shopping discount.

Now that I have a customer, who has shopped from me once, I want him to come back again, so I will do two things, either put up a personalized offer in his/her mail or offer a cashback on a product, which in turn will assure his/her third return.

An affiliate link will help me get another customer, without making a direct approach and also with a good marketing strategy I can make my existing customer, get me a new one and they both will shop more to get discounts.

A brief idea of the effect of these discounts on us

If you review the heading just above this one, you would know that the deals, discounts and offers are not meant for us, they are for the companies own profit. Cashbacks and personalized offers encourage us to shop more and hence increase the earning of these websites. Myntra promo codes are the best if you are looking for offers on clothing.

If you remember about 2 years ago, all of the e-commerce super giants came out with big flashy sales, which ended up very nicely for them but badly for us. People who purchased from the sales were overall happy, but some unlucky people like me, got defected or fake products. Companies put up these flashy sales, increase their product prices and than show a big discounts and thus making a fool of the customer. You can CouponDekho for all the coupons.

Within the last two years many government policies has helped reduce e-commerce frauds and secured us from fake sales. Online deals are good as a matter of fact, until and unless they don’t lead to these fake deliveries. If you were to ask my take on this, I would say the future doesn’t seem that bright in this thing, as the companies will have a saturation point where they will stop giving such huge discounts and in disappointment we will turn ourselves towards offline markets again. But till all that happens we still have some trustworthy names in the market who offer us discounted and genuine products, websites add to the benefit of viewing Homeshop18 discount coupons at a single place.

Be a smart shopper, make a verified purchase.

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